Dear Customers,

Over the past few weeks, we have been encountering a steady increase in COVID related delays, impacting both our processing and delivery times. In the interest of full transparency, we have published the below update and guidelines.


Order Processing Times

Our suppliers are working with significantly reduced staff due to increasing self-isolation cases. In addition to this, safety precautions such as maintaining a 2m distance between warehouse workers are creating bottlenecks.

Due to this we are extending our processing period from a maximum of 5 business days to a maximum of 7 business days. This means that it may take up to 7 business days from the date of your purchase for your order to be dispatched.

Delivery Estimates

An increasing number of orders are being held at depots and ports across Europe. Due to the volume of mail crossing borders and the new rules introduced since 1st Jan 2021, the couriers we use are no longer honouring their delivery guarantees and are unable to provide full updates on individual items.

Due to this we are forced to increase our maximum delivery time from a maximum 30 business days to a maximum of 45 business days. This means that it may take up to 45 business days from the date of shipment for your order to arrive. We are unable to refund any orders that are in transit but we will support all customers that wish to cancel an order with the returns and refund process.

Returns & Refunds

There is no impact to returns and refunds.


We hope to have a further update within the next 14 days and we appreciate your patience and support in these difficult times.

Kind Regards,

The Trouvailles Team

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