Edith Lantern - The TrouvaillesEdith Lantern - The Trouvailles

Edith Lantern

£29.99 GBP
Metza Bowl - The TrouvaillesMetza Bowl - The Trouvailles

Metza Bowl

From £24.99 GBP
Etched Trinket Jar - The TrouvaillesEtched Trinket Jar - The Trouvailles

Etched Trinket Jar

From £25.99 GBP
Sheepskin Cushions - The TrouvaillesSheepskin Cushions - The Trouvailles

Sheepskin Cushions

£64.99 GBP
Vintage Floral Cushion - The TrouvaillesVintage Floral Cushion - The Trouvailles
New In

Vintage Floral Cushion

From £33.99 GBP
Kafue Plate - The TrouvaillesKafue Plate - The Trouvailles

Kafue Plate

£27.99 GBP
Pyman Live Edge Chopping Board - The TrouvaillesPyman Live Edge Chopping Board - The Trouvailles
Sold out
Marrakesh Glow Lantern - The TrouvaillesMarrakesh Glow Lantern - The Trouvailles

Marrakesh Glow Lantern

From £17.99 GBP
Silver Curled Leaf Sculpture - The TrouvaillesSilver Curled Leaf Sculpture - The Trouvailles
Sold out
Rastro Platter - The TrouvaillesRastro Platter - The Trouvailles

Rastro Platter

From £38.99 GBP
Olite Kubru Vase - The TrouvaillesOlite Kubru Vase - The Trouvailles

Olite Kubru Vase

From £37.99 GBP
Moroccan Display Jars - The TrouvaillesMoroccan Display Jars - The Trouvailles

Moroccan Display Jars

From £23.99 GBP
Apothecary Jars - The TrouvaillesApothecary Jars - The Trouvailles

Apothecary Jars

From £35.99 GBP
Lini Silver Bowl - The TrouvaillesLini Silver Bowl - The Trouvailles

Lini Silver Bowl

From £47.99 GBP
Marble Olpe Vase - The TrouvaillesMarble Olpe Vase - The Trouvailles

Marble Olpe Vase

From £51.99 GBP
Potted Fern - The TrouvaillesPotted Fern - The Trouvailles

Potted Fern

£27.99 GBP
Bronze Mirror & Candle Holder - The TrouvaillesBronze Mirror & Candle Holder - The Trouvailles
Sold out
Fan Palm - The TrouvaillesFan Palm - The Trouvailles

Fan Palm

From £21.99 GBP
Mansa Cushion - The TrouvaillesMansa Cushion - The Trouvailles
New In

Mansa Cushion

£33.99 GBP
Vintage Jasmina Cushion - The TrouvaillesVintage Jasmina Cushion - The Trouvailles
New In
Bessie Lantern - The TrouvaillesBessie Lantern - The Trouvailles
New In

Bessie Lantern

£25.99 GBP
Leafy Lantern - The TrouvaillesLeafy Lantern - The Trouvailles
New In

Leafy Lantern

£29.99 GBP
Esme Birdcage - The TrouvaillesEsme Birdcage - The Trouvailles

Esme Birdcage

£44.99 GBP
Reino Glass Set - The TrouvaillesReino Glass Set - The Trouvailles

Reino Glass Set

£29.99 GBP
Rastro Plate - The TrouvaillesRastro Plate - The Trouvailles

Rastro Plate

From £20.99 GBP
Metza Serving Dish - The TrouvaillesMetza Serving Dish - The Trouvailles

Metza Serving Dish

From £24.99 GBP

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