Decanters - Rocking DecanterRocking Decanter - The Trouvailles

Rocking Decanter

£76.99 GBP
Caged Lantern Vase - The TrouvaillesCaged Lantern Vase - The Trouvailles

Caged Lantern Vase

£17.99 GBP
Hammered Irregular Bowls - The TrouvaillesHammered Irregular Bowls - The Trouvailles

Hammered Irregular Bowls

From £17.99 GBP
Houndstooth Throw - The TrouvaillesHoundstooth Throw - The Trouvailles

Houndstooth Throw

From £39.99 GBP
Japanese Soap Dishes - The TrouvaillesJapanese Soap Dishes - The Trouvailles

Japanese Soap Dishes

From £15.99 GBP
The 'Woody' Cutlery Sets - The TrouvaillesThe 'Woody' Cutlery Sets - The Trouvailles

The 'Woody' Cutlery Sets

From £42.99 GBP
Blue Ocean Platters - The TrouvaillesBlue Ocean Platters - The Trouvailles

Blue Ocean Platters

From £31.99 GBP
Glass Head Vase - The TrouvaillesGlass Head Vase - The Trouvailles

Glass Head Vase

From £39.99 GBP
Mixology Glasses - The TrouvaillesMixology Glasses - The Trouvailles

Mixology Glasses

£15.99 GBP
Minimalist Narrow Vases - The TrouvaillesMinimalist Narrow Vases - The Trouvailles

Minimalist Narrow Vases

From £41.99 GBP
Ribbed Cork Ball Jars - The TrouvaillesRibbed Cork Ball Jars - The Trouvailles
Best Seller On sale

Ribbed Cork Ball Jars

£12.99 GBP £16.99 GBP
Cork Ball Jars - The TrouvaillesCork Ball Jars - The Trouvailles

Cork Ball Jars

From £13.99 GBP
Hand Vase - The TrouvaillesHand Vase - The Trouvailles

Hand Vase

£24.99 GBP
Coloured Glass Mugs - The TrouvaillesColoured Glass Mugs - The Trouvailles
Best Seller

Coloured Glass Mugs

£13.99 GBP
Picasso Cushion Covers - The TrouvaillesPicasso Cushion Covers - The Trouvailles
Best Seller
Nordic Mugs - The TrouvaillesNordic Mugs - The Trouvailles
Best Seller

Nordic Mugs

£25.99 GBP
Fat Zebras - The TrouvaillesFat Zebras - The Trouvailles

Fat Zebras

From £48.99 GBP
Blue Ocean Bowls - The TrouvaillesBlue Ocean Bowls - The Trouvailles

Blue Ocean Bowls

From £33.99 GBP
Blue Ocean Plates - The TrouvaillesBlue Ocean Plates - The Trouvailles

Blue Ocean Plates

From £39.99 GBP
Serving Spoons - The TrouvaillesServing Spoons - The Trouvailles
Best Seller

Serving Spoons

£17.99 GBP
The Faces Collection: Rectangular - The TrouvaillesThe Faces Collection: Rectangular - The Trouvailles
Best Seller
The Faces Collection: Rounded - The TrouvaillesThe Faces Collection: Rounded - The Trouvailles
Best Seller
The Faces Collection: Oblongs - The TrouvaillesThe Faces Collection: Oblongs - The Trouvailles
Best Seller
Bottle Vase - The TrouvaillesBottle Vase - The Trouvailles

Bottle Vase

From £24.99 GBP

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