Potted Fern - The TrouvaillesPotted Fern - The Trouvailles

Potted Fern

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Potted Eucalyptus - The TrouvaillesPotted Eucalyptus - The Trouvailles
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Potted Eucalyptus

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White Willow Sprays - The TrouvaillesWhite Willow Sprays - The Trouvailles

White Willow Sprays

From £19.99 GBP
Silver Fern Sprays - The TrouvaillesSilver Fern Sprays - The Trouvailles

Silver Fern Sprays

From £18.99 GBP
Large Branch Sprays - The TrouvaillesLarge Branch Sprays - The Trouvailles
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Large Branch Sprays

From £30.99 GBP
Gold Fern Sprays - The TrouvaillesGold Fern Sprays - The Trouvailles

Gold Fern Sprays

From £18.99 GBP
Olive Sprays - The TrouvaillesOlive Sprays - The Trouvailles

Olive Sprays

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Branch in Bloom Sprays - The TrouvaillesBranch in Bloom Sprays - The Trouvailles
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Branch in Bloom Sprays

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Lilac Wisteria Sprays - The TrouvaillesLilac Wisteria Sprays - The Trouvailles
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Lilac Wisteria Sprays

From £21.99 GBP
Brown Fern Leaves - The TrouvaillesBrown Fern Leaves - The Trouvailles

Brown Fern Leaves

From £17.99 GBP
Autumn Eucalyptus Spray - The TrouvaillesAutumn Eucalyptus Spray - The Trouvailles
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Autumn Eucalyptus Spray

From £18.99 GBP
Branch Sprays - The TrouvaillesBranch Sprays - The Trouvailles

Branch Sprays

From £19.99 GBP
Viburnum Berry Sprays - The TrouvaillesViburnum Berry Sprays - The Trouvailles

Viburnum Berry Sprays

From £20.99 GBP
White Wheat Bunch - The TrouvaillesWhite Wheat Bunch - The Trouvailles

White Wheat Bunch

£16.99 GBP
Natural Pampas Grass Stems - The TrouvaillesNatural Pampas Grass Stems - The Trouvailles
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Natural Pampas Grass Stems

From £19.99 GBP
Sun Palm - The TrouvaillesSun Palm - The Trouvailles

Sun Palm

From £21.99 GBP
Dried Lavender Bunch - The TrouvaillesDried Lavender Bunch - The Trouvailles

Dried Lavender Bunch

From £23.99 GBP
Fan Palm - The TrouvaillesFan Palm - The Trouvailles

Fan Palm

From £21.99 GBP
Cream Pampas Grass Stems - The TrouvaillesCream Pampas Grass Stems - The Trouvailles

Cream Pampas Grass Stems

From £22.99 GBP

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