Tyrri Bowl - The TrouvaillesTyrri Bowl - The Trouvailles
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Tyrri Bowl

£45.99 GBP
Tyrri Bowl - The TrouvaillesTyrri Bowl - The Trouvailles
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Tyrri Bowl

£41.99 GBP
Tatu Bowl - The TrouvaillesTatu Bowl - The Trouvailles
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Tatu Bowl

£49.99 GBP
Oskar Hammered Bowl - The TrouvaillesOskar Hammered Bowl - The Trouvailles
New In

Oskar Hammered Bowl

£34.99 GBP
Monzoro Bowl - The TrouvaillesMonzoro Bowl - The Trouvailles
New In

Monzoro Bowl

£48.99 GBP
Howell Tray Set - The TrouvaillesHowell Tray Set - The Trouvailles
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Howell Tray Set

£29.99 GBP
Kibera Bowl - The TrouvaillesKibera Bowl - The Trouvailles
New In

Kibera Bowl

£69.99 GBP
Kafue Plate - The TrouvaillesKafue Plate - The Trouvailles
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Kafue Plate

£26.99 GBP
Kamala Bowl - The TrouvaillesKamala Bowl - The Trouvailles
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Kamala Bowl

From £26.99 GBP
Antique White Canister - The TrouvaillesAntique White Canister - The Trouvailles

Antique White Canister

From £38.99 GBP
Lini Coral Dish - The TrouvaillesLini Coral Dish - The Trouvailles

Lini Coral Dish

From £33.99 GBP
Moroccan Display Jars - The TrouvaillesMoroccan Display Jars - The Trouvailles

Moroccan Display Jars

From £23.99 GBP
Cast Heart Dish - The TrouvaillesCast Heart Dish - The Trouvailles
Sold out

Cast Heart Dish

From £27.99 GBP
Cast Star Dish - The TrouvaillesCast Star Dish - The Trouvailles

Cast Star Dish

From £29.99 GBP
Woven Bowl - The TrouvaillesWoven Bowl - The Trouvailles

Woven Bowl

£30.99 GBP
Marble Ginger Jars - The TrouvaillesMarble Ginger Jars - The Trouvailles

Marble Ginger Jars

From £43.99 GBP
Chrome Ginger Jars - The TrouvaillesChrome Ginger Jars - The Trouvailles

Chrome Ginger Jars

From £43.99 GBP
Bloomville Ginger Jars - The TrouvaillesBloomville Ginger Jars - The Trouvailles

Bloomville Ginger Jars

From £44.99 GBP
Apothecary Jars - The TrouvaillesApothecary Jars - The Trouvailles

Apothecary Jars

From £34.99 GBP
Coomes Coral Bowl - The TrouvaillesCoomes Coral Bowl - The Trouvailles

Coomes Coral Bowl

From £49.99 GBP
Lini Silver Bowl - The TrouvaillesLini Silver Bowl - The Trouvailles

Lini Silver Bowl

From £46.99 GBP
Silver Foil Trinket Jar - The TrouvaillesSilver Foil Trinket Jar - The Trouvailles
Sold out

Silver Foil Trinket Jar

From £23.99 GBP

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