How To Add Texture To Your Living Space With Soft Furnishings

One of the easiest ways to add interest and warmth to your living area is by using soft furnishings.

The great thing about soft furnishings like cushions, rugs and throws is they are easy to move around, meaning you can update your living space as often as you like.

Here are just some of the ways you can use soft furnishings to play around with texture.

Put down a rug

Rugs are one of the key elements of the soft furnishings category. Laying a rug in your living space is one of the easiest ways to add texture and colour. Not only this, but a rug can anchor the furniture in your room, making it feel more intimate.

Think of a rug as a work of art for your floor – don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, shapes and textures. Our Iglezia Rug comes in four different sizes, and its cool and warm colour scheme means it will look at home in any living space.

Want to take things a little further? Try overlapping multiple rugs for a unique look that is distinctly yours. You can’t go wrong with combining the Montezuma Rug and Utah Rug.

Throw down some cushions

A cushion makes sitting down much more comfortable and is an effortless way to give your living space some much-needed texture. They are also one of the more budget-friendly items within the soft furnishings category, meaning you can change them regularly.

Mixing and matching your cushions is on-trend at the moment – don’t be afraid to try something that you wouldn’t usually go for! We love the Maleny Cushion, which gives any living room a quirky, vintage feel. Alternatively, the bobbly Pino Cushion will add much-needed texture to any seat.

Don’t think that cushions are just for sofas and chairs. Floor cushions don’t just add depth and texture to your carpet but provide additional seating for when unexpected guests come to call!

Our Malmo Floor Cushion is perfect for brightening up any living space and comes with a carry handle so you can move it from room to room.

Layer up contrasting materials

Combining soft furnishings and layering them together is a stylish way to add richness and make your living room feel more inviting.

For example, if you have a light sofa or carpet, consider a brightly coloured or patterned throw or rug to add warmth and create a focal point. The bohemian Diaz Pouffe is perfect if you’re looking for something to contrast with a light-coloured living space.

You can even mix and match fabrics – a leather chair with a velvet cushion makes for a cosy spot for curling up and reading a book!

Our Stellan Faux Fur Throw comes in a range of stunning colours that will complement or contrast any decorating scheme. Just throw over your sofa or chair and transform your living room into a warm and cosy space.

Shop our soft furnishing collection for even more inspiration

If this article has encouraged you to layer up your living room, we have a wide range of stunning soft furnishings in a range of colours, materials and styles.

From plush cushions to stylish rugs, you’ll find the perfect addition to your living space.