7 Ways to Create Lasting Style in Your Home

In the age of TikTok and Instagram, our homes are no longer privately viewed by our neighbours and family. Instead, they’re displayed for the world to see through the windows of social media– whether we do it on purpose or not.

So, now more than ever, homeowners have struggled to balance budgets, know-how, and their dream home. Remember, interior design isn’t about creating a museum-like art display. It’s about bringing your vision of beauty and design to life.

So, we’ve compiled seven guiding principles to help you design a home that will last the test of time while still being fashionable throughout the cycle of trends and tastes.

Layer Old and New Pieces

The first principle to lasting design is mixing old and new– from furniture to accessories to colours. Layering these pieces will help your style reference multiple decades instead of looking curated for a modern trend. This strategy will allow you to chameleon into modern aesthetics without replacing everything to update.

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Use a Neutral Base Colour Palette

Neutral tones in base colours and wood will keep your interior design timeless. You don’t necessarily have to have a Scandinavian or minimalist aesthetic to work with white, cream, or beige. Instead, use accent walls, rugs, and decor pieces to bring in your pops of colour while giving yourself an easily maintained base that can glide fashionably through the decades.

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Stick to Classic Silhouettes for Larger Pieces

The classic shapes and forms will last longer when buying couches, chairs, and tables. Of course, you can always play with the material to make more of a statement– metal will bring a modern touch, velvet romanticize, etc. But if the shapes are classic, the design will last much longer.

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Play with Accessories

While your large pieces and guiding principles will lay a timeless foundation, your accessories can easily change to match trends. Think of these as the trendy, eye-catching jewellery that immediately makes a staple outfit vogue.

For example, buy a couch that can chameleon into any style, then update your pillows at will. This will immediately take a classic to a statement piece without spending lots of money.

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Use Colour to Reference Trends

Colour palettes are easier to change every few years without disrupting more expensive pieces. You can use stick-on wallpaper, a fresh coat of paint or simply introduce a new coloured textile product to immediately bring your space up to date.

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Don’t Buy What Won’t Last

Consumerism is a huge problem for the planet, so you should always design with longevity in mind where possible. Always give trends a backseat when purchasing, and instead focus on durability, responsibly sourced materials, and things that you can see yourself loving for years or decades.

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Focus on What You Like Over Trending Designs

What your home looks like reflects what you find beautiful. Trends come and go every few years and often seem to be the opposite of whatever the last “it” was. So confidently create an aesthetic that makes you happy and is your kind of beautiful. Then you will always have a timeless home for you.

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